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Fulda distributor

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In Lubrimed we are specialists in tires and lubricants online, if you are looking for quality and good price Fulda tires are an excellent option. Lubrimed is a Fulda distributor, a German high-tech company.

Fulda has been manufacturing tires for more than a century and has become a reputed brand in the German market. We currently belong to the Goodyear group.

Why choose a Fulda distributor

Lubrimed, tires and lubricants at a good price

Fulda technology allows dry braking traveling less distance because thanks to its tread designs increases maneuverability.

Fulda tires have high resistance to aquaplaning, dispersing water quickly from the contact area. Greater precision in the maneuver and low level of noise thanks to the arrangement of the tread blocks and the contour of the tire.

Fulda Values

  • Affordable price
  • Quality
  • Smart Driving
  • Innovation
  • Standards and own tests
  • Passion for adventure
  • Performance and savings
  • Future and progress


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