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Toyo Tires distributor

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In Lubrimed we are committed to quality and good prices, we are distributors of workshop tires. Lubrimed is a Toyo Tires distributor, a Japanese tire company.

Toyo Tires originated in Japan in 1945 and has the achievement of being the first Japanese manufacturer to establish a subsidiary in the United States. Subsequently it began in motor sports and in dynamic tire applications.

Why choose a Toyo Tires distributor

Lubrimed, tires and lubricants at a good price

Toyo Tires is committed to quality, innovation and performance. The Multi Wave Sipes notch technology located in the flank block of the tire allows to maintain a larger tread area and decreases the movement of the block thanks to the gear of the Multi Wave Sipes walls. Multi Wave Sipes technology reduces noise and irregular wear and improves performance on both dry and wet surfaces.

Silent Wall technology reduces noise in front of the conventional groove wall due to the distribution of air through perpendicular grooves.

In its product catalog we can find sports tires, high-end passenger car tires, todorrenos tires, eco tires, winter tires and competition tires.

Toyo Tires Philosophy

  • Global mentality and spirit
  • Use of new technologies
  • Creating value for employees, shareholders and customers
  • Innovation
  • Differentiation
  • Global growth


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